Saturday, May 27, 2023

Youtube Banner 2048x1152

Hello friends, today is the 1st part of our editing course, in this 1st part of the editing course, I am going to teach you how to make the best banner for your youtube channel, somewhere a professional banner, a good look to see your channel  Let us assure you first of all!  It should be done that in which category your channel is because we will make the same type of YouTube banner.

Along with this, we will also provide you some templates and materials for YouTube banners, which will make it easier for you to make banners.

Youtube Banner 2048x1152

 YouTube Banner Size

First of all, you have to save this yt banner template because it is the perfect size, if you take this normal size and put this banner on your channel, then it does not fit properly.

1) youtube size template 01

Youtube Banner 2048x1152

2) youtube template size 02

Youtube Banner 2048x1152

How To Make A Professional YouTube Banner Step-by-Step Guide

Making YouTube banner is very easy, first you have to go to play store and install PicsArt application if you already have any editing app then you can make this banner from that app too.

Open the PicsArt application and click on the Plus icon and click on Edit a Photo and select that saved banner template.

Now you have to add the text, if you like any other font then you can add the text in that font text (after the channel name is added) now you have to add gradient red and black color to the text which  Looks great in banner.

After this is done, if you want to add your social media name, then you can do it, Instagram icon will be given to you in PNG format.

Youtube Banner 2048x1152 - High level editing

Youtube Banner 2048x1152

Youtube Banner 2048x1152


Hope that by now you have made a professional YouTube banner, we have told you in very easy language through videos and articles and if you will follow of our instruction to my youtube banner size knowledge so you will get more help to increase to your youtube channel so you should see and watch of our channel if you want to increase your channel and we will try if this strategy will help to your grow youtube channel so in every vedio we will provide best contain.

Note - All these banners and templates have been edited by High level editing, please do not try to copy or sell them. 

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