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Kinemaster Video Editing [ BASIC TO ADVANCE]

Hello friends, if you want to grow in less time on YouTube, then you have to improve the editing of your videos, some new creators do not edit their videos well, due to which no one watches their videos and because of the decrease in audience retention.  YouTube does not even send the impression of his video, due to which views do not come on his video and he becomes sad and sad.

So today we are going to teach basic to advanced Kinemaster Video Editing for all those small creators who are not able to do professional video editing properly in kinemaster.  You must have basic editing in kinemaster, but high level editing will teach you advanced video editing in kinemaster, so read this article completely.

In this article, we will tell you about three such kinemaster video editing points, if you follow them properly, you will be able to do professional editing.

Kinemaster Video Editing

1) Kinemaster Video Editing Animation And Effect

 Animation has a huge role in any kind of video editing, if you give good and unique effects and animation in your video, which makes your video attractive, some special and popular effects of Kinemaster, which are most commonly used in Kinemaster.  You should use these effects and animation in your video like -

  • ¬†Water droplet 2 - This effect is used in all types of video editing.
  • Twinkle - This effect is used for editing short clip videos.
  • Memories Album - This effect is used to give animation in video editing of photos.
  • 3D Folding Screen
  • Foldout

 2) Text Animation With Voice

 To make your video editing better, give text animation according to your voice, which you can do with Kinemaster or any other app.
 First of all set your voice properly then add text with professional font and if possible you can also use 3D emojis.

3) Kinemaster Add Clip Graphics

 If you make Face CAM video or edit video by adding clip, then you can add Clip Graphics to your video, through this option of Kinemaster, you can do Customization in the color of your Face CAM video, as well as  You can also add graphics according to the video in your clip, some special Clip Graphics of Kinemaster -
  1.  Gradient effect
  2.  Basic Title Effective.     

Getting Started with Kinemaster


The app interface looks almost exactly the same on iOS and Android, unlike other apps where there are notable differences between operating systems. Let’s take a look at what the Kinemaster interface looks like.


Landing Screen


When you first open the Kinemaster App, you are welcomed by a landing page where you can see any previous projects you have worked on, and buttons to start a new project, a quick start button, a button to get help, another to open the Kinemaster YouTube channel and a settings tab.


The Main Settings Tab


The settings tab in the main landing has a gear icon. Click on this button to set up some behind the scene controls for your app. Here you control your subscription status and a few other options. Some settings are different for iOS and Android versions but in general, the settings are for editing, sorting and file locations.


Kinemaster is a powerful video editing app that can be used to create professional-quality videos.

With its wide range of features, Kinemaster can be used for everything from basic edits to advanced effects and animations.

It's also possible to export videos in a variety of formats, making it easy to share your creations with the world.


Hope that you will improve your Kinemaster Video Editing by learning these three points, we told you about such points which good YouTubers use to edit their videos and to understand better, watch the video below and  see , if you want to learn more high level then 

Editing video so first of all I will give suggestion for all peoples 
You should understand of our article then after understand article you should follow to some steps 

Whatever given here in our articles I hope you are learning day by  day more high level editing from our articles 
and the reason is big behind the kinemaster to suggest where 

Because kinemaster is very best and most high technical facility also available in this app this is the big reason be will provide to learn video re editing from kinemaster and you can change easily animation from kinemaster and you can change easily voice  from kind master and day by day you will make highest quality vedio with the help of our article and suppose vedio making time any dout come so you can comment in our articles and

We will try to give reply of your question and you don't know how to operate of kinemaster? so you can comment in our article please upload one more article full details how to operate kinemaster and we 
Will try to making a full article

and we will provide vedios also to and you can easily learn in proper way with the help of vedio how to operate 
To kinemaster if you will learn how to operate kinemaster so you can easily make vedio in high quality  and we will try in next article 

to provide high level more knowledge to most
World best vedio editing course to all peoples 
and when we will upload in next article we will

Give topic is very high level to vedio editing 
if you are thinking to making a carrier in youtube field so you can take help of our articles because if you will read  to all articles in proper way with full understanding so you 
easily editing youtube banner with size and.

Proper and you can of his article to editing vedio from kinemaster and because if we will
Upload high quality vedios and photos upload 

On social media obviously our will channel grow and vlog thats we are providing best 
Contain in our articles to learn full course
In vedio editing and photo editing also
with the help of best apps and we suggested also  in our vlog which should app  used for 
You sothat  you can easily high contain upload 

On social media like instagram and facebook 
and youtube also and googel vlog
There are so many features available in social media to upload contain

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