Tuesday, June 6, 2023

YouTube Banner Vlog

Hello friends, as we told you in the last video and article to make three best professional youtube banners which you can use for youtube channel banner of any category, today we will teach you how to make professional youtube banner for vlogging channel, if  If you do blogging or are thinking of starting a blogging channel, then somewhere the look of your channel should be good, along with Unique Content, the name and banner of your channel should also be good.

So today we will teach you how to make Professional YouTube Banner for Vlog, you can make this banner very easily because we will already provide you vlog banner template, after that you have to enter your channel name and photo and one or two things.  Others have to be edited.

youtube banner vlog

YouTube Banner Vlog Channel

You can also use pixellab pixel lab to make this banner but I would recommend you to use PicsArt application if possible because while making this banner we will need to do zooming and zoomout which is very difficult in PicsArt.  Happens in a good way.

How to make Vlog Banner Step By Step

First of all, you have to select the saved YouTube Banner Vlog by clicking on the plus icon in Picsart and clicking on edit a photo, after that you have to click on the Add photo option and select your 2 best images, whichever photo is your best.  Yes or you have taken it while vlogging.

Crop both these images properly and fix them in the 2 white strips of the banner template. If any part of your photo is out of the white strip, erase that part.

Now to add your 3rd photo in the triangle white part of the banner template, click on add photo and after selecting your 3rd photo, click on the options of Shape and select the triangl format and fix your photo in a triangle shape.  Do.

Now add the text to add your Instagram ID, whatever is your Instagram ID.  Instagram icon is already added in YouTube Banner Vlog Template, add text in front of that icon.

Now to add the name of your channel, first add the black strip below both the white strips and then add the name of your channel.

We have 4 to 5 years of experience in editing and we always help small creators, hope that you have made YouTube Banner Vlog in the right way, if you still do not understand how to make it, then given below  Watch the video so that you will be able to understand better.

YouTube banner Vlog template

youtube banner vlog high  level editing

The thing about video sizing on YouTube is that if you do correctly, no one will notice. However, getting YouTube video sizing incorrect seriously impacts the viewing experience, and can even lessen the video quality itself. Half of the battle is getting viewers to click on your video. The other half is creating content that is a pleasant viewing experience, resulting in your audience watching the video end to end afterwarld, you’ll be prompted to “Add basic info” about the video. You’ll input things like the video title, audience settings, thumbnail options, and more.

For those who are eligible, you’ll be able to select your monetization plan. After the video elements and info has been added, you can go ahead and preview, then publish it. Now that you know the basics for designing great images and videos for your YouTube channel, you can practice and experiment with creating these on Figma. The result? A fresh new video strategy, and recognizable, tangible brand assets that help build awareness. Check out our size guides for Instagram, LinkedIn and more to start designing for your brand. 

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